Label reading for packaged foods

Learn how to read the labels on packaged food and drink products to understand how healthy they are.

Do you want to make healthier, more informed food choices when doing your food shop? Do you find yourself getting confused by all the health claims on the front of food packaging? This short 10-minute session teaches you how to read food product labels to help you understand how healthy packaged foods really are. Information in this course is based on the Australian Dietary Guidelines and activities include examples of real products you may find in your local supermarket!

Who is this for?

This session is Ideal for anyone eager to make healthier food choices at the supermarket. It’s a fun, interactive learning session for all ages, including kids and families.

You will learn:

  • When its necessary to read a label on packaged food and drink products.
  • How to read the Nutrition Information Panel and ingredients list, with plenty of opportunities to practice using real packaged food products.
  • How to use the Health Star Rating on food and drink products.

Who developed this session?

This session has been developed and rigorously validated by a team of industry professionals, comprising of psychologists, dietitians, and exercise physiologists. Their collective expertise ensures that the content is comprehensive, evidence-based, and practical to implement.

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Course Includes

  • 1 Lesson