Healthy eating essentials

Explore the fundamentals of nutrition and how to make healthier food choices for a better, healthier lifestyle.

Unlock the secrets to a healthy eating with our ‘Healthy eating essentials’ course. Discover the basics of nutrition, learn to decipher food labels, and gain practical skills for meal planning. All information provided in this course is based on the Australian Dietary Guidelines. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to refresh your knowledge, this course is your gateway to a balanced and nutritious diet.

Who is this for?

Anyone looking to learn more about healthy eating and how to make more informed food choices. This course features interactive and gamified e-learning sessions making it perfect for all ages, including kids and families.

You will learn:

  • The five essential food groups and their role in a healthy, balanced diet.
  • The impact of food processing on nutrition.
  • The foods and drinks that contain fats, sugars, and salt, and healthier options to eat more often for optimal health.
  • The skill of reading and interpreting food labels.
  • How to master portion control and appropriate serving sizes for your age.
  • Practical meal planning strategies for healthier eating.


  • The five food groups
  • Food processing
  • Fat, sugar and salt
  • Label reading
  • Portions and serves
  • Meal planning

Who developed this course?

This course has been developed and rigorously validated by a team of industry professionals, comprising of dietitians and psychologists. Their collective expertise ensures that the content is comprehensive, evidence-based, and practical to implement.

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Course Includes

  • 6 Lessons