Forming healthy habits guide

Learn how to turn your health goals into practical, actionable steps that will last you a lifetime. 

Do you have a big health goal that you want to work towards, but not sure where to start? Join our ‘Forming healthy habits’ course to kick start your journey to better health. Learn how to find your motivation, set health goals that are realistic and achievable, and how to track your progress for success. This course covers the psychology behind changing your health behaviours in a fun and digestible way!

Who is this for?

This course is perfect for anyone curious about the psychology behind setting health goals and changing health behaviours. With interactive and fun e-learning sessions, it’s ideal for all ages, including kids and families.

You will learn:

  • Assess your motivation levels and the key to successfully forming healthy habits.
  • Set SMART goals and create action plans to achieve them.
  • Establish a healthy environment that encourages better food choices and increased activity.
  • Understand different types of motivation, including intrinsic and extrinsic, and discover joy in healthy habits for lasting motivation.


  • Staying on track
  • Goal setting
  • Setting up routines
  • Our environment
  • Our motivation

Who developed this course?

This course has been developed and validated by Better Health Company’s team of health professionals, including psychologists, dietitians, and exercise professionals. Their collective expertise ensures that the content is evidence-based, and practical to implement.

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Course Includes

  • 5 Lessons